The Original Moustache Guard Mug


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Revived marvellously for the modern man, behold The Original Moustache Guard Mug.

Back in the good ol’ 19th century, keeping one’s face fur in tip top condition was of the utmost importance. The vast majority of men boasted formidable face lace and they simply wouldn’t dream of subjecting their beloved flavour saver to the frothy doom of a hot beverage.

Cups catered to lip luggage by way of integrated moustache guards – and these cunning containers were known as ‘moustache cups’. Conjured up during the mid-19th century by British potter Harvey Adams, they featured a moustache guard secured to the inner brim of the cup – and the rest (the rest being a damp tickler) was history.

Now, this 19th century staple has been revived for the modern man. Featuring a classic moustache guard, the Bucardo Mug is designed to protect the integrity of your stylishly arranged upper lip. Bottoms up.

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Please Note:
Every home in East London must have one by law
Product Features:
13 oz ceramic mug with moustache guard
Original artwork by Southern California artist Jeff McMillan
Dishwasher and microwave safe
10 % of net profits donated to charities for at-risk youth and men’s health. This year we are proud to support the Harmony Project and Zero – The End of Prostate Cancer
Measures approximately 17cm(W) x 15cm(H) x 13cm(D)


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