New Cool Design phone Magnetic USB Quick Charging Cable with LED Status Display (IOS & Android MINI USB)


Processing time: 1 to 5 days

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The new magnet for Mac & Android devices charging cable, one second connection, fast charge, regardless of the pros and cons, not to hurt the machine, fashion nice
Uses: single-handed operation to lightning charge the device, a second connection to save time and reduce the risk factors driving operation.

1, driving, driving what is most important, of course, is security. The product that a solution needs to charge mobile devices while driving one-handed operation, greatly reducing the risk of traffic accidents while the equipment normally provide navigation for us, music other services

2, anti-bound feet, when the device is in working condition, but we do not accidentally use body met charging cable, charging cable then this will be automatically detached from the device, the device will be pulled to the ground without damage.

3, dust plug function, this product can be used as one component dust plug used to extend the life of smart devices.

4, where a member of a insertion device, due to repeated mating alleviate the damage caused to the device
1 = 100000 mating cycles.

5, the connection speed, the use of positive and negative, automatic positioning.

6, full automatic power protection equipment will not be damaged due to overcharging.

7. Charging and full of different colored LEDs indicate, visually monitoring equipment work.

Important notice:
Not normal charging, are metal port to connect your phone is not fully seated and lead.
Facing the front of the phone lights up with a charge + data transfer function (data transfer only supports some models), light facing the back of the phone can only be charged.


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