Infrared Mobile Smart IR Remote Control For Android


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Color: Random

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Color: Random
Connector Size: 3.5mm
Size: 3cm
You Just Need To Search “ZAZAREMOTE” In The App Store;
Package Include:1x Universal Mobile Phone IR Remote Controller (The phone and other devices are not include.)
This 3.5mm IR Plug Remote Controller Is For Android Mobile Phones.
Also Can Be Used As A Dust Plug In The Spare Time.
Compatible model:
For Samsung i9300, N7100, N7000, S7568, N7105, N7108, L710, N719, 9100, i9308, i739, i929, i8552, i9152, S7568, 7562
For New HTC One, HTC 920E, HTC x920e, HTC Butterfly, HTC g11
And Others.
User Guide:
A: Android Mobile Phone Remote Control Instructions
1). Ordinary version of the mobile phone headphone jack voltage must be 1.1-1.5V, Current 20mA, note below this power infrared does not work (Part of the cell phone not to reach). Distance is determined according to the headphone jack power supply. (mobile Getroot, Root, upgrade, prison break, software conflict, is likely to lead it not be able to use)
1.Android users in various application market search “ZaZaRemote”.
2.Equipment selection – Smart – ZaZa (remote elves)
3.Open to the under control electrical appliances.Check the electrical model (digital or alphanumeric combination)
4.Matching equipment must search model and was within 1m to the appliance.(don`t use automatic matching)
5.More Settings – > Advanced Settings – > ZaZa Volume set to 100% – > ZaZa Sensitivity (transferred to the highest).
2). Phone Settings:
View your phone Settings, in music, sound Settings, Close the dolby sound, sound balancing, mixing, the volume of sound software etc, otherwise may not be able to use. Software setup, set the equipment selection for smart – ZaZa; Advanced Settings, ZaZa maximum volume is set to 100%, other not need to set.
3). Matching Method
With infrared emitter, restart the software, if know appliances specific models, can be directly output electrical model to search and download, Such As: Midea air-conditioning RN51F/BG, if do not know the specific model or search less than, can use automatic matching.
Method Of Use: choose your own electrical type first, then choose appliance brand models, and then long press the right test button. Aim to keep the cell phone about 1m distance of remote under control electric infrared receiving window, see electrical appliances have reflected, immediately let go, one by one test function of each key, if can use, download;If no, then continue to return, to the right, tests in turn.(when the air conditioning, automatic matching SLR testing is a ON/OFF key, can hear the sound of the “drops”; television, set-top boxes, automatic matching test is the volume button, need to keep electric open and see the sound out,Electrical appliances have a respond).If the test does not reflect all the code to be, can choose for all electrical appliances brand, because a lot of remote control code is common, with automatic matching you must be patient!
B: Apple Mobile Phone Usage:
1). The Software Download
–Not Jailbreak: directly to the app store to download “ZaZa Remote”;
–Has Jailbreak:Search “ZaZa Remote Jailbreak” on the internet, download the jailbreak ZaZa Remote.
2). Phone Settings:
–Apple Mobile Phone > Settings > Music > Equalizer And Volume Limit Must be closed;
–Open the software, the volume in the advanced Settings set to 100%, 82% by default.
3). Matching Method:
–Plug infrared emitter, click add, and appear Automatic matching interface, set up the electric type and brand, matching, DIY library click “��” to long push the blue button , keep the phone about 1m distance to remote control electric infrared receiving window, see electrical appliances have reflected, let go immediately, click on the “Further Testing Signals”, one by one test the function of each key, if can use, download;If can not, then continue to back, continue to match.(Air conditioning, automatic matching SLR


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