8 in 1 Home Grater Multi Function Slicer


Gadget Separator Kitchen Bottle Utensil

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8 in 1 kitchen tools. Includes: funnel, juicer, measuring cup, mill mud, sub egg, grater.
Included all the accessories that you need to help daily cooking become easy and time-saving.
Heat-resistant temperature of 80 degrees, cold temperature of minus 30 degrees.
Easy on storage with 8 essential kitchen accessories.
A funnel with attachment, for pouring sauces and liquids into containers.
A lemon squeezer.
A spice grater, for grating fresh ginger, etc.
An egg masher, for making egg salad in a jiffy.
A cheese grater, to add a sprinkle of fresh Parmesan on your pasta
A lid grip/opener, for those stubborn jar lids.
An egg yolk separator.
A measuring cup that measures up to 420ml.

Material: Plastic
Color: Multicolor
Size: Kitchen Tools 27.8 (L) ×8.4 (W) ×8.4 (H) (CM)

Package include: Kitchen Tools ×1SET


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